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Hansem is the first and only translation company in Korea to gain recognition as one of the top 50 global language service providers and to acquire ISO 17100 certification for translation quality management.

Translation And Localization
Translation And Localization

70+ languages to cover all your translation (T10n), localization (L10N), and transcreation needs. We are ISO 17100 certified in translation quality management. Our unique services entail specialized processes, home-grown utilities, and a thorough quality check with translation specific QA tools like xBench and QA Distiller. Full tech stack: Never pay for the same content twice with use of our translation memory technology. Effectively manage your terminology to maintain consistency across projects. Hansem Global can provide a free initial consultation to help accelerate project timeframes, improve consistency, and reduce costs.

User Manual Development
User Manual Development

We analyse target user expectation to develop multilingual manuals. Each step in our production process complies with international standards. We can create content directly in Korea, English, and a long list of other languages. Putting our high-octane teams to work for you helps improve user perception and your brand image. Find out how we can help you achieve greater success!

Automated Conversion Solutions
Marketing Communication

We produce videos to promote various products and services using live action, 3D animation, sound, and special effects. By paying close attention to the nature of the product or service and adjusting our approach accordingly, we ensure perfectly customized videos.

We convey the unique selling points of our clients’ products with eye-catching design, clear organization of content, and copywriting that adds finesse.

Who We Are

We support the advancement of domestic and foreign companies in the global market. We offer customized service, a mobile subscription environment, and the necessary technical skills to provide user-friendly localized materials in more than 53 languages and regional variants.

A leading provider of news, analysis, and research for localization industry based in Switzerland, Slator, ranked us as the 63rd largest language service provider in the world in their Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index.An independent market research firm, Common Sense Advisory (CSA) Research, ranked us as the 9th largest language service provider in Asia and 66th largest in the world in their 2016 Top 100 Global Language Service Providers list.

Our Portfolio

Check out some of our manuals, designs, and multilingual translations. Content areas range from games and IT to industrial equipment and medical devices.

Translation & Localization

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