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Japanese Language Translation by Hansem Global

Here at Hansem Global, we’re proud to provide our clients with the translation support that they need for the Japanese language. With professional Japanese translation services, you can ensure that your business has the support it needs to do business in Japan, to plan an expansion, or to begin working with new stakeholders in the country.

With a wide range of professional translation services that cater to nearly every need and requirement, you can rest assured knowing that Hansem Global is here to deliver the results you seek in Japanese.

How Is Japanese Localized & Translated?

A country of elegant beauty and colorful traditions, Japan is rightly considered one of the world’s oldest and globally-relevant societies. Japanese, while regarded as the 9th most spoken language in the world, has a reputation for being time intensive, and even more expensive to translate than other language projects. Due to the peculiar nuances of the language, translating other languages into Japanese or localizing content for domestic audiences will require a higher level of precision and accuracy for quality output.

How do you manage the unique challenges posed by marketing or producing content for a Japanese audience? Leveraging on the assistance of professional Japanese translation and localization experts can help. Here’s why that is the case and how Hansem Global can help provide high quality Japanese content for your organization.

How We Help Our Clients

We are able to assist organizations with their translation and localization needs. We are aware of the significant contextual considerations involved in this undertaking, and know when what is needed is a fluent translation of content from the source language to Japanese, and when the client requires a deeper retooling of the text to personalize for specific local audiences.

Quality Assurance

Our quality management process is designed to give our clients absolute confidence in our process, with not just one or two, but FOUR stages of quality assurance before final sign-off and delivery to clients. We know you trust us to provide crucial language support services as you execute your entry, consolidation, or expansion within the Japanese market.

Frequently Asked Questions Specific to Translating Japanese Language

Here are five reasons why you should secure professional localization services from skilled, native Japanese experts for your sensitive business translation work:

  • ISO17100-certified translation quality management system.
  • Customized process that tailor to client’s expectation and requirements.
  • Multilingual localization quality assurance professionals.
  • 3-step translation, editing, and proofreading processes.
  • Team of subject matter experts for each industry sector.
  • The largest multilingual desktop publishing team in Korea.
  • Engineering group with complete language related technologies including TMS, CAT, machine translation, and document engineering technical support.
Hansem Global | Your Language Partner