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Medical interpretation and medical interpreter services from Hansem Global.

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Medical translation and medical translator services from Hansem Global.

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Back Translation

When it comes to translating the content in the medical or life science field, our services are certified according to international translation standard ISO 17100 and ISO 9001. Also, a dedicated life science translation team of project managers, subject matter experts, and linguistic quality assurance specialists, and compliance team will make sure to follow the strictest quality and compliance requirements.

At Hansem Global, our clients know that our back translation services are second to none. Our meticulous validation process paired with our years of localization expertise has established a foundation of trust with renowned companies around the world. We make sure that your message not only resonates with your target market – but also stands the test of time. Bring peace of mind to your organization, have your content succeed in a saturated industry. Our quality assurance process with back translations has always delivered refined documentation, perfectly synchronized to the audience. We have curated lab notes, ingredients specifications, clinical research documents, scientific assessments, data, and much more. Hansem Global can assure document viability for your purposes.

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