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Certified Translation

In the translation industry, one of the most highly specialized areas is legal and business translation. Our qualified and certified legal translators can help you translate from simple immigration documents to more complex litigation and IP documents. If you are looking for an experienced, top of the line language service provider to work with, Hansem Global is your answer.

International Translation Standards
ISO Certifications:

Hansem Global offers accurate and professional certified translations services. Certified translation is used for official uses to verify that the translation is correct and accurate. Translation certificate is required for submission to Immigration offices (USCIS), academic institutions like universities, legal documents in courts and many local, state, and federal government agencies.

The accurate requirement defines that the translation was translated by a qualified translator who is fluent in both source and target language. All of the translators at Hansem Global are professional human translators and they are in full compliance with ISO17100 requirements. Our certified translation includes free revisions to ensure the final translation is 100% accurate and complete.

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