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Medical Device Manuals

When it comes to translating the content in the medical or life science field, our services are certified according to international translation standard ISO 17100 and ISO 9001. Also, a dedicated life science translation team of project managers, subject matter experts, and linguistic quality assurance specialists, and compliance team will make sure to follow the strictest quality and compliance requirements.

The Hansem Global team consists of language experts with demonstrated experience in localizing medical device manuals. Our professionals are familiar with the nuances and specifics of healthcare equipment and how they can be understood by everyone. We make sure that each device is used as intended by your patients and consumers. Global healthcare and life science entities continue to trust our abilities in localization for medical device manuals. We have successfully helped various organizations localize their documents for MRIs, Ultrasound, X-Ray Machines, and all other healthcare devices. Our localization will instill confidence in your products, maximizing success within the target market and beyond.

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