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MemoQ Server

Hansem Global implemented Plunet, a leading translation business & translation management system and memoQ server, a cloud based translation & localization management solutions to collaborate with clients, PM, and linguists from all over the world. Hansem Global can manage and automate multilingual localization processes on a global scale and automate quality checks, and speed up translation processes.

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Hansem Global implemented MemoQ Server, Translation Management System, to provide our clients scalable translation services and streamline translation and localization processes. With this enterpise level and advanced translation productivity tool, Hansem Global can closely collaborate with linguists, project managers, and clients in cloud environment. You can simply open a browser and log in to Hansem Global MemoQ Web to keep track of the progress and work in parallel with our teams in real-time.

Hansem Global | MemoQ Server Language Service

More volume of work can be done in less time. Translation projects can now be assigned to multiple linguists who can work together and share in real-time every single phrase and term they translate on the spot. So if a client needs big volumes to be translated in shorter time frames, several linguists can simultaneously translate the same project and share their translation decisions in real time with one another, which results in consistency between linguists, and fewer quality issues. The tool also allows our QA team to start working on the review (editing) and proofreading even if translators have not completely finished their files. This allows Hansem Global to shorten its turn-around time since we no longer need to wait for one linguist to finish their work in order to start QAing.

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