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Internet, IT translation and IT translator services from Hansem Global.

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Internet, IT interpretation and IT interpreter services from Hansem Global.

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Information Technology localization services from Hansem Global.

Optimizing Language for the Internet & Information Technology Industry

Multilingual DTP

Technology assets today fall into the global marketplace. Developers from all over the world create beneficial applications and platforms tailored to a wide variety of industries. Hansem Global recognizes the significance of well-deciphered language tailored to the local market for IT products. Our expertise and efficiency in the localization process can facilitate any challenging due dates while still managing to deliver an impactful message.

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At Hansem Global we have a substantial pool of in-house multilingual DTP teams dedicated to handle any and all multilingual DTP projects. We understand that DTP requirements for each project can vary, and can assure you that our in-house professionals will deliver even on the most complex or time-constrained projects. After the translation phase completes, our multilingual DTP team will strive to make sure that your brochures, manuals, and catalogues retain the same feeling, design, and layout of the source documents.

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