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Hansem Global | Language Service

User Interface
UI Localization

Internet, IT Translation

Internet, IT translation and IT translator services from Hansem Global.

Internet, IT Interpretation

Internet, IT interpretation and IT interpreter services from Hansem Global.

Internet, IT Localization

Information Technology localization services from Hansem Global.

Optimizing Language for the Internet & Information Technology Industry

User Interface
UI Localization

Technology assets today fall into the global marketplace. Developers from all over the world create beneficial applications and platforms tailored to a wide variety of industries. Hansem Global recognizes the significance of well-deciphered language tailored to the local market for IT products. Our expertise and efficiency in the localization process can facilitate any challenging due dates while still managing to deliver an impactful message.

International Translation Standards
ISO Certifications:

If you’ve developed a new industry-leading software and you’re striving to embed it into new markets around the world, you’ll need to ensure that every last word and feature is seamlessly translated into your target languages with native-level quality. If you’re looking for translation services for your software application, we can help.

Our team brings 30 years of experience in software localization and professional human resources to the table for our clients. We utilize a variety of CAT tools optimized for software localization, and we perform functional tests on all localized applications in multilingual hardware and software environments to ensure complete functionality.

Hansem Global has been helping various global corporations reach their target markets by providing S/W localization services in any language required. Tap into new markets by having your S/W localized by Hansem Global! Our teams are versed in numerous S/W localization tools such as SDL Passolo, Transifex, CrowdIn, Lokalise, and more.

Hansem Global | User Interface UI Localization Services

User Interfaces (UI strings, GUI)

Enterprise systems (ERP, HR Management)

Mobile App UIs

Man to Machine Interfaces (MMI)

Smarphone UIs

Information Technology
Internet Services

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