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Localization | Translation | Globalization in the Brand Marketing Sector


People in Asia speak various languages and the way they think differ greatly depending on the region. Transcreate your content to engage in Asian markets in the most effective manner. Marketing translation requires different skills than just translating technical content. In-house copy-editors and transcreators at Hansem Global will transform your content to convey the appropriate marketing messages to promote your brand, products, and services.

Marketing Brand/Product Interpretation

Marketing Brand/Product Interpretation from Hansem Global.

Marketing Brand/Product Transcreation

Marketing Brand/Product transcreation services from Hansem Global.

Marketing Brand/Product Localization

Marketing Brand/Product localization services from Hansem Global.

Optimizing Language for Marketing & Brand/Product Launch Teams.

Translation For Marketing Brand/Product

Marketing copy must attract reader attention in an instant if it is to influence purchase decisions. Headings must be memorable and have a strong emotional impact. The body copy must be concise, delivering the main points in an accessible and appealing way. Copywriters at Hansem Global prepare marketing materials with these points firmly in mind. Hansem Global have been working with numerous global corporations such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat with transcreation projects to ensure their message are culturally adapted for Asian market. When you need to ensure your message resonates with the target audience, transcreation is the right choice. Transcreation requires a specialized linguistic talent goes beyond translation. Professionally trained and highly experienced in-house linguists at Hansem Global will make sure that your content are recreated without losing original intention of the message while maintaining your corporate tone and manner.

Hansem Global | Marketing Brand/Product Launch Translation Services

Translate Case Study

Translate Press Release Announcements

Tanslate Promotions & Special Offers

Tanslate E-books E-novels

Translate Brochure & Printed Materials

Translate Testimonials, Interviews & Reviews

Translate Blogs & Blogposts

Translate Whitepaper Documentation

Multimedia Localization For Marketing Brand/Product

Hansem Global | Marketing Brand/Product Subtitling Services





Subtitling For Marketing Brand/Product

Hansem Global | Marketing Brand/Product Subtitling Service

Hard (open) Subtitles

Subtitling (SRT)

Pre-rendered (closed)


Transcreation For Marketing Brand/Product

Hansem Global | Marketing Brand/Product Launch Language Services

Market Research, Market Study

Marketing Materials Digital & Print

Promotions & Special Offers

Advertising, Ads & Ad Campaigns

Websites & Apps

Voice-over For Marketing Brand/Product

Want to find the perfect voice for your video? Hansem Global can help your voice reach to the world. Timed recording, untime recording, formal, casual, female or male, you can find right voice actor for your needs.

Hansem Global | Voice-Over Marketing Brand/Product Language Service

Timed Recording

Phrase-synced Recording

Untimed Recording

Lip-synced Recording

Foreign Language Website & Landing Page Development

Hansem Global | Marketing Brand/Product Launch Language Services

Translate E-Commerce Website

Translate Business Website

Translate Web Portal

Translate Intranet/Microsite

Translate Landing Page

Translate Information Website

Translate Corporate Website

Translate Web Portal

Translate Microsite

Translate eLearning Website

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