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Localization | Translation | Globalization in the IT & Internet Sector


Technology assets today fall into the global marketplace. Developers from all over the world create beneficial applications and platforms tailored to a wide variety of industries. Hansem Global recognizes the significance of well-deciphered language tailored to the local market for IT products. Our expertise and efficiency in the localization process can facilitate any challenging due dates while still managing to deliver an impactful message.

Internet, IT Translation

Internet, IT translation and IT translator services from Hansem Global.

Internet, IT Interpretation

Internet, IT interpretation and IT interpreter services from Hansem Global.

Internet, IT Localization

Information Technology localization services from Hansem Global.

Optimizing Language for the Internet & Information Technology Industry

Document and S/W Localization

Hansem Global is a world renowned language service expert in localizing software and documentation. Our team of experts has years of experience adapting technology to the local language, culture, and regulations. We make all platforms and applications palatable for their users – and highly competitive in the marketplace.
Our intuition of the IT and Telecom expertise paired with our language specialization makes Hansem the most rewarding choice for your document and S/W localization needs. Through our refined language services, we have garnered a broad and consistent client base of established brands. Trust us to be the most efficient IT localization services partner.

Hansem Global | Document and S/W Localization Services




Mobile Apps

Online Training



Data Security

Data Management



Hansem Global | MTPE Services

Raw input for NMT Engine training and optimization

Full Post-editing

Light Post-editing

MTPE Project Management

Multilingual DTP

Hansem Global | Multilingual DTP Language Services





PPT Slides


User Interface - UI Localization

Hansem Global | User Interface UI Localization Services

User Interfaces (UI strings, GUI)

Enterprise systems (ERP, HR Management)

Mobile App UIs

Man to Machine Interfaces (MMI)

Smarphone UIs

Website/App Localization

Website/App Localization Services

E-commerce Websites/Apps

Business Websites/Apps

Web Portals/Intranet

eLearning Websites

Information Websites/Apps


Landing Pages

Language Quality Assurance

Hansem Global | Language Quality Assurance Services

Linguist Quality Assessmen

Final Language Sign-off

Linguistic Check

3rd Party Linguistic Evaluation

In-context Review

Final Proofing & Sanity Check

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