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Localization | Translation | Globalization in the Automobile & Automotive Sector


Hansem Global is dedicated to delivering exceptional services, serving the automobile sector with unparalleled expertise. Hansem Global has an intricate and meticulous understanding of the automobile industry, full of translators experienced in the trade. Our experienced team and knowledgeable processes guarantee to meet localization standards with any technical or specialized functionality, no matter how unique.

Automotive Translation

Automotive translation and automobile translator services from Hansem Global.

Automotive Interpretation

Automobile interpretation and automobile interpreter services from Hansem Global.

Automotive Localization

Automobile industry & automotive localization services from Hansem Global.

Optimizing Language for the Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Automotive Document Translation

From simple documents and user-facing manuals to complex documentation, Hansem Global is the leading Korean translator for technical documents worldwide. Our proprietary technical term database builds on more than 30 years of localization experience. We work closely with our clients and academic advisory bodies to ensure industry compliance with all projects. Not to mention, we ensure precise error verification through our proprietary Hansem Global Language QA Process. Our global team offers highly qualified and specially trained translators for any and all automotive text, including owner’s manuals, documents, specification charts, and more. Our linguists are not only professionally trained in the localization aspects of the automotive industry, but also meet the ISO17100 standard.Our long-standing automotive clients include Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia, as their main provider of localization services from technical content creation to UI localization.

Hansem Global | Automotive Document Translation Language Service

Vehicle Owner’s Manuals

Engine Repair Guidelines

Automobile Maintenance Manuals

Motor Vehicle Service Manuals

Audio/Video Navigation Manuals

Electronic Instrumentation Diagrams

Vehicle Specification Sheets

We resonate the utmost confidence within our clients when assigned translation duties of specification sheets. Hansem Global is well-versed with the significance of detail in the automobile industry, and the need for all intricate points to be understood 100%. We create specification sheets that serve as the central point of reference for every user and every target market. Our 30+ years of experience in specification sheet translations has allowed us to develop procedures that ensure errorless and effective results. Localized documents are essential to increasing sales and building brand trust with your customer base. Thats our mantra; help create a channel to client success with any automobile product or service.

Hansem Global | Vehicle Specifications Translation Service

Technical Specifications

Vehicle Data Sheets

Automobile Maintenance Manuals

Technical Sheets

Automotive Catalogs

Electronic Instrumentation Diagrams

Vehicle UI Localization

The technology behind automobiles is rapidly developing to meet the demand for increased functionality in today’s vehicles. Numerous automobile features seek to bring competitive advantages in the marketplace but face the need for efficient translations of their User-Interfaces. The technicalities behind each function needs to be understood by their users to ensure effective operation. At Hansem Global, we utilize our extensive experience and expertise to present comprehensive and polished UIs for the automobile industry. Every detail is translated to create maximum impact and usability for clients.

Hansem Global | Vehicle Specification Sheets Translation Service

Infortainment Systems

Navigation Modules

Audio Modules

Video Modules

Instrument Clusters

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