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Optimizing Language for Marketing Abroad

How Can We Best Approach Language Translation for Marketers & Business Developers?

People in Asia speak various languages and the way they think differ greatly depending on the region. Transcreate your content to engage in Asian markets in the most effective manner. Marketing translation requires different skills than just translating technical content. In-house copy-editors and transcreators at Hansem Global will transform your content to convey the appropriate marketing messages to promote your brand, products, and services.

Adapting your content for local markets!

Hansem Global will adapt your content and message to be appropriate for the local market. To resonate your message with the target audience, localization and adaptation process is critical. A solid language network and in-country translator who specializes in the culture of the destination language must be utilized. A local translator, subject matter experts who specialized in the industry, will translate, and localize your content to recreate your content. Hansem Global is proud to help numerous large corporate clients with marketing content such as Samsung, Hyundai, and Kia. This is just a short list of our portfolio. Our transcreators carefully select and refine text that relay the messages.

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